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Wish Boxes

Copy of Brand Story

Many of you can relate to this feeling when you found yourself overwhelmed with, what to gift and what not?
I was once in pursuit of finding the perfect gift for my girlfriend and I left no stone unturned to give her the best possible experience I can. I know she loves gifts and who does not? Indeed, show me a person who does not like gifts, and I will show you a liar!

Meanwhile, I was searching for an outlet to express my love and affection to her. I found it nerve-racking as I failed to find anything which would fill her heart with excitement and joy. Even if I get hold of something fairly decent, then packaging or a simple plan box it was wrapped in, was a big spoiler.
But as it is rightly said:

“Every problem has a gift for you in its hands.” ~Richard Bach


Means there is a gift in every problem so one must find the Good in the Bad and it was true for me. Hence, BISOUS AMSTERDAM came into existence. I could not stop myself but to offer a solution - to all those who care for their loved ones. And want to express their feeling in the most adorable way i.e., to gift them what they love.