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Scrubby™ Bath Sponge

Scrubby™ Bath Sponge

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Do you like clean, radiant skin?

Scrubby™ makes it easy for you while exfoliating your skin, no body wash, scrub or cream needed! The super soft bath sponge is used to remove stubborn dirt, dead skin cells and stains. Perfect for sensitive skin but also for children and seniors. Are you going for clean skin today?

 Why buy Scrubby™?

  • Scrub easily and quickly: Scrubby™ removes dead skin cells and dirt without body scrub, chemicals, irritation or damage to the skin. It is fully elastic which improves cleaning efficiency.
  • Super soft and painless: The soft surface is very suitable for sensitive skin and provides a painless experience. Thoroughly cleanse the skin and restore a healthy glow. Works for all skin types.
  • Hygienic & Reusable: Scrubby™ is easily cleaned by rinsing it under the tap and letting it dry on its handy hanging string. Daily usable for up to 4 months!




  • Material: Eco-friendly foam
  • Content: 1 x Scrubby™



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